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Make Good Art


I started this morning thinking about how I could open up the space inside myself where I dream in stories, I decided to start with writing prompts and see if I could get the words to flow. The following bits are what I came up with. I would appreciate any comments unless they are going to make me cry.

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The children didn’t understand the power they had unleashed into a world that doesn’t welcome magic. The children didn’t understand how magic can disrupt the balance of life and death, how magic lives in the gray areas between realities and when it is born it seeks out energies to build its power. The children didn’t understand that until the magic is born it is neither good nor evil but it seeks its destiny with its first breath. The children didn’t understand that this magic, born this day in a quiet forest would become evil. The children didn’t understand the power of this magic. But, they will.

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Their mother in death had given them something that she had never been able to give to them in life, each other. It was words scrawled on a receipt from Klingerman’s that would beckon to each of the little boy’s that hid under the cowl of being unwanted. She could feel life trying to leave her and she gave the only thing in life she had left to give. There were three names, three addresses and the words, “These are my sons”. Huddled under a thin blanket on a freezing sidewalk with the receipt clutched in her frozen hand she was found on a Tuesday afternoon. Now it is Saturday and the little boys who are now men begin to learn each other’s stories on the day they bury their mother.


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The sentinels watched the naked city and bided their time. They knew the secrets of this place and were intent on making them known. They knew that there was a current of fear in the faces of its people. They knew that it was close to the end. The experiment was over. And it had failed.



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