Stress: The Word of the Day

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2013 at 12:47 pm


I know that I have issues with time. I hate being late. I account for every minute of my day and everything is on a schedule. If I didn’t operate this way how would I run a freelance business, work 4 nights a week, and take three classes?
Today my schedule is a wreck. First, I get up this morning and the car is making a crazy sound. So I had to rent a car. This process put me behind two hours. I already had an insane day of cleaning, banking, shopping and appointment to look at a property, I need to write 4 articles and start on this week’s schoolwork. Now I am stressed out and aggravated.
Luckily I woke up early (thanks to a howling neighborhood cat) at 5:20 so I did finish the two logos I was working on. My Dad is coming to visit tomorrow and I need to get ready for his visit.
Now on top of that after seeing the above picture all I can think about is chocolate cake. Arggghhhhhh!


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