Another Reason Florida is a Strange Place to Live: Giant Mosquitoes

In Florida, Writing on March 11, 2013 at 12:26 am


Did you see the movie, “Jumanji”? That is what my Florida summer could look like. It seems that there are mosquitoes that are 20 times the size of an average mosquito that are threatening the great state of gray hair and Geritol, Florida. It isn’t like Florida is known for teensy weensy mosquitoes in the first place. Most of our pests are bigger, badder and crazier than many other places. These mothers are the size of a quarter and rumor has it their bite feels like you are being stabbed. No, really. Stabbed. Maybe that is slightly better than being shot but I would think being stabbed would have to suck.


There’s a guy at University of Florida who is an entomologist and he spends a lot of time hanging out with the stinging, flying, crawling insect population of our fair state. His name is, Phil Kaufman. Phil makes it clear that should we have a rainy season that these beasties will be gunning for us.

Gallinippers. That’s what the giant mosquitoes are called. Sounds like a kid’s TV show on Sprout. It would not sound very intimidating if you ran down the street yelling, “The gallinippers are coming. The gallinippers are coming.”

They can eat a tadpole. Not only does that seem kind of mean but for me it put’s their size into perspective. The ONLY cool thing about gallinippers is that they also eat other insects including the smaller mosquitoes.

I feel particularly bad for little kids and livestock. The only advice I have seen on how to prevent being stabbed by one of these SOB’s is to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. That does not sound appealing when it’s 95 degrees with 80% humidity. Oh, keep in mind that’s not foolproof. They can bite through the clothing. Also back to our friendly bug nut, Phil he says that repellants may be ineffective because of their size. So, I guess we are S.O.L.

When I told my son about the possible threat to our already pest beleaguered state he said, “Oh, well. I guess it’s just one more sign of the impending apocalypse.” I can almost hear the horses galloping towards use…being chased by massive, tadpole-eating, viscous gallinippers.

Maybe we should call these guys:
Links to other articles about Giant Florida Mosquitoes:


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