If a Pack of Cigarettes Were Put Before the FDA Today would They Be Approved?

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I just came across a very interesting article on Why cigarettes are here to stay By Bob Greene
He makes some very valid points but one of my favs was when he said:
Imagine, for a moment, that cigarettes had never been invented. And that in 2013 an eager entrepreneur went to the Food and Drug Administration seeking approval for a new product — cigarettes — that he wanted to sell to the American people.
Imagine that the Food and Drug Administration, taking its time and doing its homework, came up with all the currently available medical evidence about the dangers of smoking.
Whether you’re a smoker or not, you know what the FDA’s response would be to that hypothetical entrepreneur:
They’d laugh him out of the room.

Interesting, huh? I never thought of it that way. I try not to bang the pulpit, so to speak, when it comes to smoking because as a person with severe COPD I made my own bed and believe me I spend a lot of time lying in it. But I DO support anyone who is trying to quit and I am always hoping that people never start. I think banning smoking in so many places is working and I appreciate the efforts of all that put those laws in effect.
I thank Mr. Greeene for a wonderful article.

Please let me know what you think on this subject.


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