With a Little Help From My Friends I am Who I am Today

In Inspiration on April 7, 2013 at 9:17 am

I had the most amazing day yesterday. My daughter threw me a surprise 50th birthday party. It was wonderful but it was also incredibly special because some of my favorite people in the world took time out of their busy lives to travel here to celebrate with me.

50 bday cake

This year has not been good for me due to my health problems and I am certainly glad to move into a new year. The best thing about birthdays is that we get to have them. The alternative sucks. What has helped me get through is my wonderful daughter, my son who has never been embarrassed to show his mommy some love, my two grandsons who never fail to make me smile when I feel like crying and my wonderfully amazing, ridiculous, tell-it-lie-it-is friends.

The one-and –only Diana-licous. This Columbian goddess is smart, sexy, has a huge heart and is more than a little crazy. How can you not love her? And yes she is eating pancakes and drinking a beer…that’s my girl.

TanyaandGary. Yes, that is all one word because they are inseparable and I have never met two people who were so destined to be together. They have both been such a gift in my life. I truly believe that God makes sure that you have what you need when you need it and I can never thank him enough for placing these two in my path. Tanya, my sister-wife is probably the most out-spoken and sincere person I have never known. If you don’t know where she stands you just aren’t paying attention. You are beautiful my friend. And Gary. What can I say about when of the sweetest men I have ever known? You have always had my back and I love you even though you never let me win at pool. You will always be Captain Caveman to me…lol.

Nora, my best friend, confident, partner-in-crime and a woman who gets me and loves me in spite of it. We have been through a lot good and bad and we still have a ways to go. I don’t have the words to say what you mean to me but I know you know. You have taught me so much, put up with me and always, always been in my corner. I love you, lady.

Amanda and Jeff….you guys rock. Amanda is my “other’daughter and my daughters BFF. Jeff is a beast among men. You both are special people and amazing friends. What can I say………..

Christine. Girl, you know I love you in sickness and in health….lol. I know you can’t help it that you are a Red Sox and a Patriots fan.

My son…Frank the Tank. You make me laugh even when I feel like knocking you out. Being your mom has always been an adventure, kind of in a comic book way, but always an adventure.

My boys…Nick and Joey. You both make my life amazing. I can’t even begin to describe the joy you put in every day. The things you say and do keep me laughing…even when I shouldn’t.

My beautiful Rose. You are the best daughter in the world. You have grown into a very special woman and an awesome Mom. I can’t even comprehend what my life would be without you. Thank you….thank….thank you….and on and on. You are a beast.

My friends are part of my family and without my family I wouldn’t be who I am. Wow…. 50 years. In the words of my Jimmy Buffet…. “Some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic
But I had a good life all of the way.” And I’m not done yet.

207001_1554243390688_1673284977_1025183_2112760_n(1) 215201_1554243070680_1673284977_1025180_2569411_n 215516_1554242710671_1673284977_1025178_1184523_n   Me in a toga218129_1554242590668_1673284977_1025177_34181131) IMG_2358a

  1. I love you too. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when you both visit. You ate too far away.

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