Please Save Us and Put Fox News on Cable TV

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Let me preface this by saying that if you are a Fox News fan you probably don’t want to read this. Now for the intelligent people who can think for themselves that are still reading let me be brutally honest. I hate Fox News. I believe that it is one of the catalysts that have propelled our government particularly the Republican Party into a nightmare existence of banal and sometimes bordering on insane rhetoric. It appalls me that Fox picks their guests and commentators not on the validity and importance of what they have to say but on the sensationalism that they will cause. It sickens me and I think it leads our young people into an abyss of mediocrity where they are spoon-fed opinions that are backed by absolutely no truth and “news” that has no true value in the real world.

Journalism was at one time a noble profession where sources were carefully vetted and research was vital to the creation of a good story. Now any Tom, Dick or Harry (more dicks than Toms or Harrys) has been given a soapbox from which they can spout off the most unbelievable crap under the umbrella of journalism.

I thought that I would include several recent stories that Fox News aired to add validity to my claims but doing the research would just piss me off so I am going to include one story from today and if you can handle it feel free to look up more. Here is a story about Melissa- Harris Perry from MNBC responding to some insane comments made by Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin read it at BTW am I the only person that realizes that Rush Limbaugh has lost his mind? And Ms. Palin is nothing but a media WH&*E. Harsh, but true.

PLEASE put Fox News on a cable channel that requires an additional package to be added to your monthly bill so that it will limit the exposure so non-subscribers may be able to use their brain to think for themselves!!!!

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