8-Year-Old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Around Capitol Until He Drops Welfare Bill

In Inspiration on April 13, 2013 at 8:46 am

Here is the full article 8-Year-Old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Around Capitol Until He Drops Welfare Bill

I think this bill is absolutely ridiculous. So, a child who is struggling in school shouldn’t have enough food? Clothes to wear? A roof over their head? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

This kind of thinking disturbs me. While I do believe that there are problems with the welfare system I also don’t think this is a viable fix. I also don’t think that requiring drug tests for recipients is viable. There are parents out there with drug problems that have children and maybe the only way their children get to eat is if the receive food stamps.Now imagine this mother of two small kids fails a drug test and now the children have no food in the refrigerator and no medical care. Who did that help? Drug addiction is a huge problem that has a massive failure rate. It is my understanding that only 10% of the people who go through rehab are successful in kicking their habit.

Then you hear of people who still hundreds of thousands of dollars from government assistance programs. One story that occurred in Florida recently comes to mind: Attorney General Pam Bondi News Release.

The system is broken but the cure is should not punish children. Please don’t respond by asking me what I think the answer should be because I don’t know. I do know that both of these propsed fixes are NOT the answer in a country where 1 in 50 kids is homeless and according to No Kid Hungry 1 out of 5 children in the United States Struggle with Hunger.There are groups that dispute the statistics but one thing they cannot dispute is that hunger hurts. It’s a shame that any child in our society where people commonly carry $300 phones and purses that cost several hundred dollars does not have enough to eat. And if you think that its because their parents are only lazy, good for nothing druggies, think again. Many recipients are what are referred to as the “working poor”. How many times have you heard stories about families that were “middle class” and after the breadwinner was laid off form his job he struggled to find employment, lost their home and ended up taking al ow paying job and applying for food stamps.Now, do think that living in that kind of stressful environment might effect the grades of the kids living in that household? So lets take away their food assistance. That’ll teach them.

Take a moment and think what could happen to you if you went to work tomorrow and found out you don’t have a job. Or if you are one of many that don’t have health insurance or minimum coverage and you became seriously ill that left you disabled. How would you provide for your family? Now your child who was formerly a good student begins to get poor grades and you missed a couple of teacher conferences because you had job interviews. Now you are ineligible for food assistance. What are you going to cook for dinner?

One of the figures I kept coming across was it takes about $15 a day to feed a child in the US. That’s $450 a month for one child. Say you have two children. now it’s $900.00 a month. Did you know that the food stamp benefit for  a family of four is around $500..

OK. I’m done. Now let’s go eat.




  1. I see a lot of “likes” but not comments. hahahaha I am with you. I’m on disability…oh wait…I’m not on disability because I pay taxes…or does that even matter anymore since this whole system ruling thing keeps changing.
    Because of the illnesses I have, I have to be on a special diet and it’s not cheap. I can’t afford it. I can’t get food stamps because “I make too much money” being on Social Security. How is that even possible is beyond me. I pay for 5 medications out of pocket since insurance doesn’t cover it but DCF doesn’t take that into account for me to even consider getting food stamps either.
    Food banks are closing because there isn’t enough money to keep them open and/or donations either.
    The list is just endless…
    By the time I finish paying my monthly bills and getting some of my medications (I have a co-pay as well), I’m in the negative. I haven’t even gone shopping for food or put gas in the car. Did I mention I don’t have cable TV in my home? Just internet so I can go to school online.
    It’s just nuts for everyone who even tries to make it.

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