Are You There, Twitter? Judy Blume Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis…For Mom Day 21

In Breast Cancer on October 21, 2013 at 10:29 am

When I was a pre-teen my Mom gave me the book “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” by Judy Blume. This has always been one of my favorite books but even more importantly it gave my mom the tool she needed to explain to me what a “period” was and what would happen. We did not discuss such things EVER. Shortly after that under the bathroom sink magically appeared a “First Period Kit” that  was made by one of the big women’s products companies. My Mom’s lack of ability to discuss sex issues with me made me a better parent because I refused to teach my daughter through a book. I did buy her the same book because I loved it, not for sex ed. Please don’t think I feel my my was wrong and scarred me for life, that is not the case, she was a product of her time.

With every generation I think as we become adults we things we promise ourselves that we will not do to our children and of course, we also do things that they will promise to never do to their kids but are things we will keep to share.

Here are mine:

1) I love my kids.

2) Halloween is a holiday worth going overboard for.

3) Santa Mouse – This was book published in 1966 and there were Santa Mouse dolls, pajamas. etc. I LOVE this book ansd shared it with my kids and my grandkids. When my daughter was small I came across Santa Mouse ornaments so I bough two one for my tree and one for the tree she would have when she grew up.

santa mouse

4) A love for books, reading and learning.

5) Empathy for others

6) My clothes always match.

7) Dancing with my kids. I learned the Hustle from my Mom. It amazed me that my Mom would do the Hustle, She rocked it.

8) I love cats.

9) The World is bigger than just us.

10) It pays to be a lady. Be kind, thoughtful and think before you open your mouth.

There are many, many more. On the other side of the coin, I hug my kids more, I don’t hide things from the kids (for the most part) and I don’t strive to make life “perfect” I love the messiness of life. There are others but really, I turned out OK and so did my brother. We are good people with big hearts and a love for laughter.

Ms. Blume is right, “!@#$% Happens.” Read this great articles on Judy Blume and her breast cancer diagnosis.

Are You There, Twitter? Judy Blume Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In Memory of My Mom, Ann Brooks

Mom BW car


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