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I Can Breathe Again

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This is my daughter and she is amazing. I am so proud of her for starting this blog so that she can reach people. She wants others with mental illness to know they are not alone, teach people what being bipolar means and to give herself an outlet when she is in a bad way. I am so very proud.

This new journey I am on in life is absolutely amazing. It has brought me back to life. I am more motivated and energized today than I was yesterday and the only thing different was getting things off my chest and breaking out of my shell

I can breathe again.

We all have different paths in life and sometimes we find it early sometimes it takes time, Sometimes we get knocked off track. Sometimes we have to switch tracks to avoid a head on collision.

That was me I had to switch tracks before a head on collision. I was barreling toward nothing but a dead-end. I would have been working a meaningless job that gave me nothing but stress and even more anxiety.

I had to change. I couldn’t let my choices in life ultimately harm my goals or get in the way of my kid’s dreams and goals.

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How Do You Make a Grown Man Cry? Show Him a Clip on FGM.

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Sometimes there are things on the world that we are not powerless to change.

We can bring awareness to these topics and as a community of world inhabitants we can use the power of knowledge to stop barbaric practices such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).
After watching a documentary of this practice these men get it. Their hearts and minds were opened and they are now aware of how truly horrific this practice is.
How about you?

READ 5 men watch something horrifying that’s being done to girls. Here’s how they reacted.-Upworthy

“All Kids Complain About Working”, Sen. Paul Hornback (R)…even when picking tobacco 12 hours a day

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Did you know that children are picking the tobacco that you are smoking? Did you know that this is legal in the US? Did you know that Kentucky Senator Jon Hornback thinks it builds character?

CLICK HERE to watch the full video.

The Writing Biz- Your Writing Business Plan with Nina Amir

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 Complete post with all the resources, links and more 

The Writing Biz is an online Hangout On Air and Podcast that is designed to help writerpreneurs manage and grow their businesses. Often writers find themselves feeling overwhelmed when they are trying to take care of all of their business responsibilities and learn as they go. I am hoping that with the help of my wonderful guests that we can give you the tools, resources and guidance that will help you.


How Twitter is like an angry mob

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CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin examines how ill-advised or racist tweets inspire an angry, mob mentality on Twitter. Her expert guests are clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere and CNN Sr. Media Correspondent Brian Stelter.

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Mandela Goes Free Today

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I Am Going To Write

Mandela Goes Free Today

When he gets there they’ll ask “how was Heaven?”
How was the struggle that made his skin so tough
What does progress taste like early in the morning when eating it from a floor
And he’ll break down those walls too

-by Darnell Lamont Walker


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How I am Going to Keep My Sanity and Still Be an Awesome Santa

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Today I was thinking about what I was going to get my family and friends this Christmas. I plan to the bulk of my shopping on the internet this year. It is my goal to purchase cool, unusual, unique yet awesome gifts that I can’t find in the cookie-cutter world of the local mall.

Here’s some places I will go to first and why:


Etsy offers many wonderful and unique gifts from artists, designers and crafters. I never fail to find something awesome here. Maybe a dinosaur planter will be on your list or a BioMech Translucent Porcelain Votive Candle Holder. There are many, many choices in an array of categories. Buying through Etsy is a great way to support small business.


Pinterest is one of the things that can suck up hours of my time without me knowing it has done so until I look up blinking form the bright lights and once again hear the world around me. Do a search for “kids toys” or “handbags” and the choices will be staggering and often unique. Smart retail marketers are using pinterest to push their wares and it is a great source for unique and boutique items. And recipes….lots of recipes.


Home of the Rowboat Salad Bowl, the DJ Cat Scratching Pad and the gorgeous Trinity Wooden Cuff Bracelet (on my list. Shhhh.) Uncommongoods offers gifts for everyone and every taste. Their tagline is “creative living. mindful giving”.


“Naturally Brilliant” toys and gifts for the wee ones. This site is remarkable. It offers fun, bright items that stimulate and teach. I absolutely love this site. How about soft and sweet Organic Fruit Rattles for the baby in your family, the E-Offroader for the older tyke or for your princess maybe a new friend, the Nelly Doll.


Wow. What an amazing site. Not only are there ready-made gifts but you can personalize many of the items. You can create your own Instagram Pillows, pick up a LIttle Man Mustache Pacifier or maybe a Personalized Kindle Case. The ideas and many and your shopping force is strong.

I like taking care of my shopping on the internet because it is less stressful. I make better choices and usually end up with really cool stuff. I would rather take my on the street shopping time and have coffee with friends, visit a great light display with the grandkids and still have time to bake with my daughter. That is what makes my Christmas season joyful.

A few words on privilege…

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Paul Bernal's Blog

I’m a hugely privileged person. Almost all the advantages that can be bestowed upon someone in our society have been bestowed upon me. I was brought up in a family for which money wasn’t really an issue. I lived in a nice place – in leafy, privileged Cambridge – and went to very good schools. State schools, as it happens, but in Cambridge the state schools are remarkably good, and Hills Road Sixth Form College, where I did my A Levels, can compete at an academic level with pretty much all the ‘top’ public schools in the country. I went to Cambridge University. I’m male. I’m white. I’m straight. I’ve always been able to find jobs. I’m married, have a child, have a great job, own a nice home, I’m able-bodied, not suffering from mental health problems and reasonably healthy. I tick almost all the right boxes – and have…

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Demented mother

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Alzheimer’s disease is such a strange and sad trip. This is beautifully written. I watched my wonderful and creative grandmother struggle with this disease and it has effected me deeply.

This Mashup of Chris Farley Starring in a Rob Ford Movie Is Perfect

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Brilliant. The video…not Rob Ford. Actually he’s pathetic.


After Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s long two weeks of admitting to smoking crack, making oral sex jokes about his wife to the press, and then knocking over an unsuspecting woman during the City Council meeting that stripped him of most of his powers, the late comedian Chris Farley’s brother tweeted what we’d all been thinking:

And thankfully, a Toronto editor and director compiled clips of Chris Farley to be woven into the perfect trailer for a Rob Ford biopic. Complete with crack references and bowling over ladies at press conferences.

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