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Living with COPD Does NOT Mean Keep Me in the Dark

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I am a bit pissed with my daughter. We recently moved into a different area of our county which led to my 8 yr old grandson changing schools. We were very excited about the change because this is where my son and daughter went and the staff is wonderful and since most of the kids stay in this area’s schools through high school they are part of the community as well as the school. Everyday getting on the bus and getting off the bus he is smiling. His attitude is so much different than it was when he was at the other elementary school which is considered one of the best in the county.

So a few days ago I remarked on the dramatic change in his attitude, even though he maintains A and B’s at both school. My daughter goes on to explain to me that at the other school he was being bullied. It started last year when he was “the new kid” and had continued. Now this school is in a more affluent area than the rural school that he attends now so that may have something to do with it since we do not have a high level of income. I don’t know but the reason I am pissed is that she didn’t tell me. To be honest, it’s not just that she didn’t tell me it’s the reason she didn’t tell me. She didn’t want to upset me because she thinks I have enough to deal with concerning my health issues. That is a bunch of crap. While I do see her point my grandchildren and family are the most important things in my life and I would like to know if someone is in trouble. Maybe I could help.

I am glad that he is doing better and he loves this school and the staff there. I did sit down and have a talk with my daughter and told her that I am still part of this family and I want to know what is going on. I believe her heart was in the right place but I do not like the feeling of being out of the loop. COPD is a disease of my body not my mind.


Watch: Shane Koyczan’s ‘To This Day,’ Anti-Bullying Poem

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I saw this video on Huffington Post this morning. After watching it I read the comments and there was one comment that made me stop and think. This person said that it took 30 years for the Quit Smoking campaign to take hold that we should expect it to take at least that long to see any results from the anti-bullying campaign.
If that is true I find it unacceptable. We don’t have that time. That would be 30 years filled with broken hearts, crushed egos, painful silent tears, suicides and lost children. No.That is unacceptable. Why do we expect children to tolerate hate? .
I live in a county that is struggling with an issue that should not be as much as a firestorm as it has proven to be. Not in the year 2013. A local middle-schooler, Bayli Silberstein, with the support of other kids, parents and teachers is attempting to organize a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). The club would help to address the bullying issues within our school and to support gay students. I our backwards, predominately redneck county this issue has become national news. The ACLU responded by requesting that the Lake County school board allow the club to form. Not surprisingly, the school board’s response was to consider banning extra-curricular programs for all middle schools in the county. This is bullying. To make a child feel unaccepted and unwanted for any reason, is morally wrong. On Sundays when these people stand in church in their self-righteous robes of self-satisfaction do they think of the pain that they cause others by making them feel unwanted? I am sure they do not. Read: Lake County school board meets over gay-straight alliance club
Bullying is wrong and many of us have felt the effects of it and carried it through our entire lives. How many times have we heard, “Oh, they are just being kids” Or “Kids are cruel”? That’s not the real problem, is it? Kids learn their behaviors from the adults around them. Not just parents, but teachers and yes, even school boards.
We don’t have 30 years. Bullying must end now. Sticks and stones do not hurt more than names. I read a statistic that said 77% of kids have been verbally bullied. That means you, your best friend, you brother, your sister or your child were probably bullied. Maybe you were the bully.
We don’t have 30 years.

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