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Remember How We Forgot

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Shane Koyczan is amazing and the violinist Hannah Epperson is equally so. I have listened to several pieces by Shame and he always impresses me. Wonderful.
Where did your story start?


Out of the Corner of My Eye Is Me: A poem

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Out of the Corner of My Eye Is Me

I watch the lady who sits by me with her friends
I peek out of the corner of my eye because it’s rude to stare.
I see the clear lines running up her nose helping her breath the warm, bacon filled air.
I watch.
She turns to her friend and says something that makes the other lady smile.
But I notice that she snaps her mouth closed like a turtle to grab a missed breath.
As the meal passes she talks less and less.
I watch.
Because that will be me.
In a few years.
Not being able to get my breath even on good days.
And I know she is having a good day because on bad days you don’t leave your house unless you are on the way to the hospital.
I reach for my glass of OJ and see the bruise in the crook of my arm.
A botched IV on my vacation in room 421.
When they told me my lungs work less than half as well as they should.
I notice her gray face, her old lady clothes and no makeup.
Will I quit trying too?
Will it be too hard to just get up and get dressed that I can’t put on my makeup. Or color my hair. Or buy new clothes.
Because that will be me.
In a few years.
I see her smile at something that is said but I know she wants to laugh but can’t.
As they finish she walks slowly to the door and I feel like crying.
I watch.
I stare now because I know I looked into a mirror.
And it scared me.
Because that will be me.
In a few years.
Many years, I hope.

Laura B Williams

Holocaust Poetry: Some books are meant to be read and shared, no matter how much they make you cry.

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Holocaust Poetry compiled and introduced by Hilda Schiff is a collection of poems gathered as a tribute to a tragic time and its victims. In the words of Hilda Schiff, “This is a book to mourn with, weep with, to show solidarity with, perhaps to pray with.”

Here are links to a couple of my favorites;
He Was Lucky by Anna Swirszczynska
Massacre of the Boys by Tadeusz Rozewicz
There is not much I can say about the poems in this book. The reason is, I don’t have the words. How can my words convey the emotions, the tragedy, the rawness and still glimpses of hope that are found on the pages of Holocaust Poetry? I am drawn to the voices of the Holocaust such as you will find in its pages and in the stories of Anne Frank, Corrie ten Boom and many, many others. I read these books because I feel that is my way to acknowledge the dead and the survivors of the Holocaust. I taught my children of this horrific time in history so they will not forget and I hope they teach their children and that they teach the future generations. It is a small thing to write this post about such a book but I hope that it is enough for you to listen to the voices of the Holocaust and carry that with you.

The image above is from the Israel’s Messiah website which has a wonderful section on The Holocaust.

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